The packaging is the figurehead of a brand. What does a brand symbolise, how is it perceived? These questions can be answered with an individual and coherent packaging. Title, images, colours, slogans – offer your customer packaging with added value!

Convince customers of your plants! With labels, pot-cover and various other advertising media you can not only reach customers on an emotional level thanks to appealing images, but also simultaneously impart product information

Manufactured in resource-saving manner

Sustainable and resource-saving materials

Environmental protection is an important issue for each of us. What can we do to reduce waste, save resources and strengthen the environment in the long term? This topic is also very important to us.

That’s why we produce our labels from recycled material, which can be recycled again after use.

In addition to recycling material, we also offer you other, sustainable and resource-saving materials.


Customised labels

An extraordinary plant deserves an individual label. We design labels according to your wishes or create an overall concept. From stick-in, hanging or click-on labels through labels on sticks to folding or adhesive labels – every product can be implemented individually. From the design to print data creation – we look forward to your project!



Stock labels

We have a wide range of vegetable, herb and perennial labels in store for you. The modern, attractive design turns your plant into a real eye catcher. Simply order at the store and receive the goods within a few days – here’s the shop:




Full attention can be achieved with a promotionally effective Pot-Cover. Expressive images, product information, care instructions or recipes – Pot-Covers offer plenty of room for communicating important information about the plant and stimulate purchasing. You get Pot-Covers in different sizes, individual shapes and materials.




The competition for consumer attention at the point-of-sale is huge. Packaging must immediately communicate product benefits to the consumer. An attractive design and perfect, innovative printing execution are an absolute requirement.

Get inspired by our ideas! Increase the success of your products in the fierce competition to win the favour of consumers. We develop a strategy, propose suitable production methods and put your product into the limelight.

Our capabilities range from seed bags trough cardboard packaging to flexible packaging like Shrink-Sleeves.



Carrying Bags

Transporting groceries home easily, cleanly and conveniently: These are the requirements of the consumer. We offer many creative proposals to incorporate requests into your advertising concept. Take advantage of consumers’ tendencies of using durable carrying bags – the right solution for every budget. From affordable plastic bags made from natural resources to attractive paper or cardboard bags appealing imprints. You will be delighted by the variety of our possibilities.



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