POS – Retail Space Design

Targeted advertising at the point-of-sale can trigger emotions, moods and set impulses. Thereby stimulating purchase and increasing sales figures.

In addition to proven advertising materials like banners, posters or toppers we are constantly enhancing our product range for you.

Individual and modern solutions for a harmonious atmosphere in the market – we create the right appearance for you.



The benefits of a product must be clear and jump out at the customer. With our banners and posters, we offer the right solution for brand communication in public spaces, on exterior facades or on the sales floor.

We can ensure through special printing processes and a selection of suitable colours that your advertising materials do not fade too quickly in sunlight. Because of the choice of materials and the use of appropriate methods of attachment, one can attach our banners perfectly on every surface.

We are happy to present our comprehensive overview of material and product samples.




A coherent point-of-sale concept needs attention! Flags are the eye-catcher par excellence. They measurably attract the attention of consumers! There are different material requirements and printing techniques for indoor and outdoor use. We are happy to advice you which solutions suits your needs best. You will be surprised by the variety of our options.




Product descriptions and information can be communicated via signage. With table borders, cc-strips or display stands you get your product the attention of your intended audience.




Direct your customers from the entrance to the special highlights of your sales presentation. With attractive floor stickers you can create a customer guiding system for a few days or even weeks.

Have you ever been annoyed about stickers, which you cannot remove from the product without residue? Depending on the desired application, we offer stickers that can be easily removed without leaving any residue. Decades of experience with all available adhesives makes us the ideal advisor for every application.

Each sticker is part of a concept. We also advise you regarding other components. You can find more information under expertise.




In addition to packaging development, designing sales displays is also a part of our excellent repertoire of services. Whether it comes to disposable displays made of cardboard or metal displays for long-term use. We always have the right solution that fits your products.

We are guided by economic considerations during all developments. It is very important for us, for example, to include expected sales per square meter of sales surface into our creation process.

As part of our development process we will send you 3-D animations of the display via e-mail for discussion purposes. Our technological capabilities regarding professional packaging design make working with us very quickly and effectively. For a more appealing POS and additional sales success.





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