Pot Cover


Different projects


Pot Cover are supposed to increase sales and highlight the product among all the other products.

Realized Projects

Jollies Pot Cover, Water plants – water hyacinth, Outdoor herbs, Diamonds & Pearls – Table Orchids, Cut & Eat

Jollies PotCover

Fuchsia, Message: colourful flowers which spread high spirits, large diversity of colours and forms

Water plants – water hyacinth

Message: decorative flowers for the pond, relaxation and variety in the garden, biological balance in the pond

Outdoor herbs

e.g. Rosemary, Message: herbs with heart, emotional appeal, recipe ideas, variety of herbs

Diamonds & Pearls – Table Orchids

Message: something special, not a common orchid, glorious and great for decorations, precious

Cut & Eat

Basil tribe, Message: robust, long-lasting Basil tribe, very special, aromatic and tasty



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