Which advertising channel works?

Which advertising channel works?
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In a recent representative study, the online opinion-platform intervista, a cooperation between SBB and Swisscom, examined the advertising effect of various advertising channels. In this blog post we have compiled some exciting results for you.

1,000 people aged between 18 and 80 took part in the online survey. The advertising channels examined were the following:
  • Addressed advertising mailings
  • Television advertising
  • Advertising by newsletter (e-mail)
  • Advertisements in newspapers/magazines
  • Unaddressed mailings
  • Social media advertising
  • Advertising on websites


Surprisingly, advertising in social networks and on websites score lowest looking at the entire study. This seems counterintuitive, as it is assumed that advertising in general is moving in this direction and a large number of the younger generation uses these channels disproportionately often. However, since people of all ages participated in the study and certain groups of people tend to orient themselves more analogously, the result can be seen as representative. The two channels score lowest on the four questions of whether people take the time look at the advertising, whether they like to look at it, whether they remember the advertised products well and whether they visited the local shop afterwards.

  Addressed Mailing Media Concept Schweiz AG
Addressed Mailing Media Concept Schweiz AG

Addressed promotional direct mail is the channel which consumers like the most, they also look at the promotions the longest and also the most frequent. Consumers also remember the advertising messages the longest and they also pass on the promotions most often. According to the study, personally addressed advertising mailings attract the most customers to the local shop of a provider and most often lead to the purchase of an advertised product or service.

Addressed direct mail is also at the top of the list when it comes to directing customers to a website - on a par with the e-mail newsletter.

Unaddressed direct mailings are in the middle of the field for practically all questions.

The survey also asked which advertising channels are perceived as annoying. Although television is the "typical" advertising channel for most of the respondents, it is also perceived as most annoying. Advertisements in newspapers and magazines are viewed as the least annoying, directly followed by unaddressed and then addressed advertising mailings.

Contrary to what is widely assumed, personally addressed direct mailings continue to achieve the strongest advertising effect and compared to online advertising are perceived by fewer consumers as annoying.

We hope that this information will help you to choose the appropriate advertising channel. You are welcome to contact us at any time for further information.


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